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About Reviews


Did you know that more than 25 Billion searches are made each year by people with money in hand looking for local goods and services to buy? And with more than 95% of buying decisions being made locally it’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re potential new customers know just how good your business really is.  That’s why you need U-Rate.it!


Making sure your business is represented fairly online has never been easier than with the incredibly simple software we have designed at U-Rate.it to help you quickly collect great online reviews from your happy and satisfied customers.  And then these reviews can be seen by thousands of potential new customers every month on places like Google and Facebook. Click here to talk to us about how!


If you haven’t taken control of your online reputation to make sure new customers see your best side, then there is no better time than now.


Imagine this – You need a plumber to fix that clogged drain line.  You’re not sure who to call but your next door neighbor gives a very strong recommendation of the plumber she used a couple months ago.  “The plumber was courteous and helpful and fast and reasonably priced…”  And on she goes extolling the virtues of the best plumber on earth.  After hearing that, who are you likely to call?  That’s right, the plumber recommended to you by your neighbor.  You may not know another thing about this plumber but that recommendation gives you all the confidence you need to give him your business.


In Today’s world that word of mouth recommendation we all hope for comes in the form of an online review that will be read by thousands of people a month on sites like Google or Facebook.  By proactively collecting great reviews for your business you are making sure that potential customers will be impressed before they even meet you.


Think of it this way.  Each one of those positive reviews online where people can find them is just like having a salesman working for you, selling your company 24 hours a day!  In fact, after reading a few positive reviews about your business, most people have already made up their minds that you are the company they need!  They are pretty much sold on you before they ever walk into your business or pick up the phone to call you.  Those are some great salesmen!  Want to put together a winning strategy that will impress your new customers and improve your online reputation?  Schedule your free consultation below!


With Reviews being usually the first interaction a new customer has with your business, it becomes very important to know what those reviews say about your and how they reflect on your business.  Do you know what those reviews say about your business?  As the first introduction to your business, have you taken the time to ensure that those reviews put your best foot forward?  Or, like many business owners, have you left it to the whim of a few disgruntled people to scare away your potential new customers?


By putting U-Rate.it to use you can now make sure the strong reputation and great service you have worked for years to build is also the first thing those new customers see about you!  Don’t leave it up to others to define your business.  Take control of your reputation and make sure the new customers can feel comfortable choosing you.


Potential customers are looking for reviews that past customers have left about your business so they can make an informed decision about the service you provide.  And that same 88% of people reading those online reviews trust those reviews as much as they would a recommendation from family members or friends.  That makes those reviews a very strong recommendation for good or bad and will determine whether you ever get to talk to that customer.  In fact, 72% of new customers trust those reviews and will take action to contact your business or avoid you depending on what they read.


And beyond the power of the review to act as a sales tool, those great online reviews of your company also give you a strong boost to your local online marketing so more new customers can find out about you.


Each search engine, like google or yahoo, has a scoring system they use to determine which business they will show in the #1 position.  Will it be you? Or, will it be your competition?  One of the ways to score big points for your company is by gathering lots of great reviews for your company, online, and consistently over time.  Just like us, the search engines look for signals that tell them when a company is doing well and should be moved up in the rankings so more people can find it.  Reviews are one of the most powerful ways to do that!  If we constantly hear good things about a local business over a long period of time, then we’re probably going to trust that business.  If the search engines constantly see good reviews of a local business over a long period of time, then they will also be impressed and move your business up towards the #1 spot where you will be able to thrive in the market and gain new business.  In fact, you may even attract some of your competitor’s loyal customers! Schedule your free consultation below!

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